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Change Voicemail Greeting

Things you need

Your Extension and Your Voicemail PIN

Via Your Phone

  • From your phone press the Messages key or dial 5001
  • Enter your Extension followed by the # key
  • Enter your Voicemail PIN followed by the # key
  • Press 6 for the Greetings Menu
  • Press 1 to record your new greeting
  • Press 1 to record greeting
  • Record your greeting and press # when you are finished
  • Press 1 to keep the new greeting or press 0 to keep the current greeting
  • Hang up

Via the Web Portal

  • Log into your Web Portal 
  • Click on Messages
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on the Speaker icon next to Voicemail Greeting
  • Select how you want to provide your new greeting
    • Upload
      • Click Browse to upload any pre-recorded WAV or MP3 file
      • Enter a Greeting Name
      • Click Upload
    • Record
      • Enter your Extension number or external phone number to record your greeting from
      • Enter a Greeting Name
      • Click Call
      • Follow the instructions when the system calls you.
  • Click Done

Updated on May 28, 2019

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